“Why should I care about posterity? What’s posterity ever done for me?” – Groucho Marx

Hello, fans of all things Marx. And welcome back to our site. Thank you all for your positive feedback regarding the grouchomarx.com launch. Our goal here is to share with the public Groucho’s legacy and, as keepers of the cigar flame, perpetuate his contributions to comedy. 

Many have mentioned to me on social media pages that during this particularly challenging time, it is a grand escape into laughter whilst immersing here. The video excerpts seem to be a highlight and many of you commented on the Groucho magazine cover category. Groucho internet radio has also elicited enthusiastic response. Know that we will continue to add visuals to the categories of magazines covers and sheet music and more video and radio content. A Groucho book category is in the makes. We will continue attempting the balance between entertainment and information so that it’s an oasis for the diehard and uninitiated.

I’ve noticed in recent weeks, a rise in interest in the Marxes. It’s been a delight to see Turner Classic Movies showcase of late Marx Brothers films. Perhaps that should be expected in a pandemic during an election year. Groucho was there through many a crisis from the last pandemic, the Great Depression, the Cold War, Vietnam – and his humor sparks and lifts today. As Groucho used to say, “There’s no such thing as an old joke…if you’ve never heard it before.”

Groucho reminders are out there. It’s been a particular kick to see Groucho’s iconic visage on the newly licensed t-shirts from Rockin Pins. Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller and film historian Leonard Maltin were recently spotted proudly clad in theirs. Rockin Pins will soon offer Groucho enamel pins, stickers and a ‘Groucho For President’ bumper sticker. Their work is the highest quality and you’ll be able access on this site under ‘Shop.’ 

New Marx Brothers related projects are on the horizon as we work in collaboration with Marx Brothers, Inc. representing the legacies of Chico and Harpo Marx. I will keep you apprised as Groucho-related book, film, television and stage matters emerge. In the interim, I hope you enjoy another jaunt through grouchomarx.com.

Hail Freedonia!

Frank Ferrante, Groucho Marx Productions, Inc.