May 29, 1970 – Groucho is interviewed by Bergan Evans at McGaw Hall at Northwestern University in Evansville, Illinois.


February 8, 1971 – Groucho begins a week as one of the celebrity panelists on the game show The Hollywood Squares.


April 29, 1972 – Groucho begins a tour of his one-man show, An Evening with Groucho, at C.Y. Stephens Auditorium at Iowa State University.


May 6, 1972– Groucho brings his one-man show to Carnegie Hall in New York City.

May 14, 1972 – Groucho is honored as a Commander of Arts and Letters at the Cannes Film Festival in France.


November 1972 – A&M Records releases the double album, An Evening with Groucho, comprised of recordings made during Groucho’s spring tour.

October 1973 – Darien House publishes Richard J. Anobile’s interviews with Groucho as The Marx Brothers Scrapbook.

February 19, 1974 – Groucho appears in a filmed tribute to Bing Crosby at The First Annual American Music Awards on the ABC Television Network.


April 2, 1974 – Groucho accepts an honorary Academy Award for the Marx Brothers at the 46th Annual Academy Awards.

October 12, 1975 – Groucho is honored by the Friends of the USC Libraries at the Town and Gown at the University of Southern California.


March 1976 – G.P. Putnam’s Sons publish The Secret Word is Groucho, a book about You Bet Your Life co-written by Groucho and Hector Arce.

April 1976 – Groucho’s first book, Beds, gets a second edition after 46 years.  Bobbs-Merrill publishes the new edition, which includes a new introduction by Groucho.


April 24, 1976 – The Masquers Club in Los Angeles, California hosts A Salute to Groucho Marx.


November 1976The Groucho Phile: An Illustrated Life by Groucho Marx is published by Bobbs-Merrill.


January 16, 1977 – Groucho makes his final public appearance at the Wilshire Hyatt House Hotel in Los Angeles for the Marx Brothers’ induction into the Motion Picture Hall of Fame. Zeppo is also at the ceremony.


April 21, 1977 – Gummo Marx dies at 84 in Palm Springs, California.

August 19, 1977 – Groucho dies at 86 in Los Angeles, California.

January 1979 – Putnam publishes Hector Arce’s authorized biography, Groucho.

November 29, 1979 – Zeppo Marx dies at 78 in Palm Springs, California.

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